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Writer's Block: Love is timeless

What is your opinion of relationships where there is a significant age difference between partners?

I doesn't bother me if the people in those relationships are truly in love with one another. But I think all too often people dating outside their age groups are doing it because they have issues they aren't dealing with. (Most often, old men dating young girls because they vainly don't want to acknowledge they're older. And young girls dating older men because they have father issues.)

But if they truly like the same music, movies, and hobbies, and they have a genuinely healthy relationship that's fine. More power to 'em. But I really think people in those relationships should look at themselves through a *bluntly* honest lens.

There was no meaning lost in translation.

It's phrases like that... that have simply made this class a riot. People were practicing saying that as *emphatically* as possible. It didn't help that it was in reference to a large package the character received in the lesson's scenario. Everyone was close to wetting themselves by the end of that class. I love this class. And I love learning Japanese. And our Sensei is awesome.

note to self...

Next time I drive through Wisconsin I'm going to have to buy a nice radar/laser detector... The obvious back-story being that I got a speeding ticket for $186 for doing 15 over. And an 1/8th of a tank of gas later I pull into a gas station and what do I see sitting on the shelf but their fanciest laser/radar detector/jammer costing $189. I don't think this is purely coincidence.

New Semester & Bad Mojo

So the new semester has started and I've noticed strange negative occurrences happening before each class on tuesday and thursday. I'll start at the beginning...Collapse )


Venture Bros. .gif

hehehee... animated gifs are fun! Here's the first one I've ever made. An homage to Brock Samson's wake of carnage.


semester grades... da. da. daaa.

Horray! Grades were posted today and I got A's across the board except for Discrete Math in which I got a C.    :(

Considering how much I studied in all my classes, I did awesome, but I'm conflicted because I didn't accomplish anything or do good in the one class I cared to really learn something in. I hate just getting by. I mean, I'm going for a reason, right? On the one hand, I never went to Biology and never cracked the book and got an A. ((Which, considering what some people were saying about his exams, is sweet! But I'm not a Bio major.)) On the other hand, I know Discrete got curved. Which I didn't study for like I should have either, and means I bombed the final because it's only comprised of the midterm & final (& 8% homework) and I got a B on the midterm.

I don't want to be one of those students that needs A's, but I want to retake Discrete... I would be blissfully happy if I got C's in my other classes and an A in Discrete. I just got busy and didn't study, and I don't know that retaking it would change my priorities I apparently put before school... I dislike not being able to be happy about doing fine and instead concentrate on how I think things *should/could* be.

Either way retake or not... Horray! Assembly programming next semester!...    <---geek


*twiddles thumbs* I guess this journal is probably going to contain things like... vid links (If I ever actually start & finish them), school rants & horrays, be a place to post pictures, and be a way to connect to certain people online and stop being such a recluse. Plus if I develop a less transient online identity I might use this journal and a webpage to get refreshed in html, style sheets and whatnot. If your curious about my nick, it's "Radix Is Cat", if you get it's nonsensical meaning... Horray!... If you don't, you're not missing much, 'cause it's nonsensical and mathy.
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